Who we are

A team that loves to create

What began as a small project to help artists boost their professional careers and image, has quickly expanded into a fully functioning business based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that now partners with artists, small businesses, families, creators, or anyone with an idea. Konciniti mainly consists of young professionals that despite their relatively low age in comparison to many in the industry, still have a many years under their belt and have become experts through many long nights and excellent mentor-ship from industry greats. We began as talented individuals with a passion, and have progressed to an elite unite of professionals with a skill bank only exceeded by our willingness to learn.

What we do

Digital Content Management

While other company’s throughout the country perhaps only focus on one aspect such as graphic design, videography or photography, Konciniti specializes in all of these areas and uses its multi-faceted expertise to create a cohesive content management platform. Our goal for anyone that works with us is to help bring their idea to life while also allowing that idea to promote their own career. Whether it is a band needing a new album cover, a small business wanting a commercial ad for their website, or even someone who wants to start a new business or adventure in the art industry with no place to start. Konciniti can and has filled all of these gaps for past clients throughout not just Texas, but the entire country.